Susan Schwallie

President, Food & Beverage Consumption
The NPD Group

スーザンは、NPDグループの食品・飲料実務の長として24年の深い経験を持つ。北米のさまざまなCPG クライアントや、さまざまな領域を横断的に働き、アメリカ人の食生活に関する洞察をマーケティング、営業、料理、企業戦略の専門家に向けて語り、実行に移してきた。最近では、「The Future of Dinner」、「The Future of Snacking」、「Inside America's Kitchens」を共著で執筆し、各世代がどのように食や料理に取り組むかを明らかにした。The Center for Food Integrity's Trust Insights Councilの創設メンバーであり、レストランや家庭内の消費者動向をテーマにした様々なトピックで講演を行う。
Susan brings 24 years of insights experience as President, Food & Beverage Practice of the NPD Group. She has worked across a variety of North American CPG clients and categories translating insights about how Americans eat into action for marketing, sales, culinary, and corporate strategy professionals. She recently co-authored The Future of Dinner, The Future of Snacking, and Inside America's Kitchens studies illuminating how each generation approaches food and cooking. She is a founding member of The Center for Food Integrity’s Trust Insights Council and speaks often on a variety topics covering restaurant and in-home consumer trends. Susan is a graduate of the University of Michigan and has a love of all things food and beverage.