Johnny Grey

Johnny Grey Studios

Johnny Grey has a lifelong interest in the enjoyment of kitchen living and has spoken at over 60 conferences across the world on kitchen design and innovation. He has installed sociable, custom-made kitchens in fourteen countries and written four books on the subject, published in eight languages.
Johnny is a pioneer of kitchen design education, currently working with the UK National Apprenticeship Board to establish a new profession in home and kitchen design. He is joint founder Kitchen Education Trust, a UK based charity that funds students supported by the kitchen industry. As an advisor to the Royal Society of Arts Johnny helped create three student design challenges for universities across the UK and worldwide.
He believes a new approach is needed towards disability and ageing design, seeing it from a multi-generational viewpoint. As part of his design legacy Johnny is currently developing four-generational kitchens, at affordable prices, with Newcastle University and the UK’s National Innovation Centre for Ageing. A prototype currently on display showcases safety systems, smart technology and sociably focused ergonomics. The features that enable all ages and abilities to work together in the kitchen are housed in attractive aspirational furniture.
Johnny is also creative director for Varm, a start-up developing a revolutionary new cooking machine using AI for perfect results.
In his spare time Johnny cooks food from many cultures, enjoys tea and unusual wines. His wife and four grown-up children also cook, sometimes all at the same time. He has four little grandchildren he adores.