Christine Day

CEO / Performance Kitchen

Christine は美味しさ、利便性、栄養を重視した次世代の冷凍食品を生み出す先進的な食品会社Performance KitchenのCEO。消費者が冷凍食品を生活に取り入れる方法に変化をもたらし、“Food as Medicine”の動きを牽引している。ChristineはCEOとして、マーケティング、オペレーション、ファイナンスなど戦略を全面的にリード。2014年4月にジョインして以降、オリジナルコンセプトをビジネスモデルに発展させ、食料品店、外食産業、直営店といった全国的な流通チャネルを構築している。彼女は、肥満、糖尿病、心臓病、高血圧、左記4つの慢性疾患をサポートすることに特化した200以上の“Food as Medicine”製品を開発してきた。当社は業界内でのパートナーシップを拡大し、長期的な成長を目指している。
ChristineはLululemon Athletica社で6年間CEOを務めたほか、Starbucks社では20年間にわたり、店舗開発、オペレーション、財務、戦略など様々な役員職を歴任してきた。2002年から2007年まではSBJ Starbucks Coffee社の取締役を務め、ジョイントベンチャーパートナーのSazaby社と協同で日本での市場開拓を成功に導いた。
また、「ファッションの民主化」を掲げるThe House of LR&C 社をCiara、Russell Wilsonらと共同創業しており、同社の社長でもある。Human NationやThe Goodman Brandといった、ジェンダーニュートラルで持続可能なストリートウェアブランドを立ち上げている。
Christine Day is the CEO of Performance Kitchen, a forward-thinking food company creating the next generation of frozen food with a focus on great taste, convenience and nutrition. The Company continues to disrupt industry norms, sparking change in the way consumers incorporate frozen food into their active lifestyles, while leading the food as medicine movement. Christine has combined her passion, experience, and dedication to wellbeing, with her role as CEO, to lead the strategic direction for all facets of the brand, including marketing, operations and financial performance.  Since joining Performance Kitchen in April 2014, Christine has focused on taking the business from concept to a working business model with national distribution in grocery, Foodservice and owned retail channels. She has expanded innovative food as medicine product offerings with over 200 items that specialize in supporting four chronic diseases - obesity, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. Performance Kitchen has developed key industry partnerships and continues to execute upon a vision for the Company’s long-term growth.
Christine brings her executive leadership experience to Performance Kitchen from lululemon athletica, where she served as CEO for six years, as well as Starbucks, serving in various executive positions in store development, operations, finance, and strategy over a 20-year period. Christine served on the board of SBJ Starbucks Coffee from 2002-2007. She worked closely with the SBJ team and thier joint venture partner, Sazaby to ensure successful market growth and cultural relevance in Japan.
Concurrently, she is a is Co-Founder with Ciara and Russell Wilson, and President of The House of LR&C, a new concept in retail with a focus on doing good that was created to ‘democratize fashion,’ by breaking down barriers in what has traditionally been an exclusive industry. The House of LR&C includes Human Nation, a gender neutral, sustainable streetwear brand and The Goodman Brand. She earned her BA degree from Central Washington University and is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program.