Dr Dean Powell

Science and Technical Specialist / The Good Food Institute Asia Pacific

ディーン・パウエル博士は、Good Food Instituteアジアパシフィックの科学技術スペシャリストであり、研究者や企業、学者、政府等とともに代替タンパク質技術の研究(植物肉、卵、乳製品、培養肉、発酵)に取り組む。彼は、オーストラリアのシドニーを拠点とし、シドニー大学で、筋肉幹細胞の発達に焦点を当てた分子細胞生物学の博士号と、動物・獣医生物科学の学士号を取得。オーストラリア連邦政府で食品安全規制の科学的評価者や、アジア太平洋地域に焦点を当てた国際政策アナリストとして働いた経験を有す。
Dr Dean Powell is the scientific and technical specialist for The Good Food Institute Asia Pacific, engaging with researchers, companies, academics and governments on alternative protein technologies (plant-based meat, eggs and dairy, cultivated meat and fermentation). He holds a Ph.D. in molecular and cellular biology with a focus on poultry muscle stem cell development and a bachelor’s in Animal and Veterinary Bioscience, both from the University of Sydney. Dean has experience working for the Australian Federal Government both as a scientific assessor for food safety regulations and as an international policy analyst focusing on the Asia-Pacific region. He is based in Sydney, Australia.