Paul Levins

Co-Founder / SousZen

過去には、12,000人を超えるグローバルイノベーターネットワークを用いて、PepsiCo,Honda,Hyundai社を含む企業の課題解決に従事するシアトルの企業、Xinova社のチーフ・ストラテジー・オフィサーを務めた。米国の6.5億ドル規模のIPファンド、Invention Development Fundにも従事。ユニーク識別子のグローバルインターネットシステム組織であるICANN(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers、アイキャン)にて、エグゼクティブ・バイス・プレジデントを務める。
 ICANN以前には、オーストラリアBilfinger Berger社とTelstra社にてシニア・エグゼクティブ、健康、高等教育、雇用を含む政府ポートフォリオにおけるチーフ・スタッフを務める。

Paul is Co-Founder of SousZen, a software platform that coordinates restaurant back of house data with PepsiCo as anchor investor. He also works with Bijusoft, a machine learning and artificial intelligence consultancy; he is Principal at Beanstalk, an agriculture innovation agency; and CEO of ThruFuze a new spinal fusion device. Paul co-founded and was Chief Strategy Officer of Xinova, a Seattle company with a network of over 12000 innovators globally, solving challenges for companies including PepsiCo, Honda & Hyundai. Prior to that he worked for the Invention Development Fund, a $650 million IP fund based in the US. Previously, he was EVP at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), an organisation that co-ordinates the global Internet’s system of unique identifiers. Before ICANN, he was a senior executive at Bilfinger Berger Australia, and at Telstra and a chief of staff in government portfolios including, Health, Higher Education, and employment. He is an Honorary Associate at the Graduate School of Government, University of Sydney; an Ambassador for Business Events, Sydney, and holds a Bachelor of Arts from Macquarie University.