Scott May

VP Innovation and Head of MISTA / MISTA / Givaudan

スコット・メイは食品・飲料業界のイノベーションと戦略のクロスファンクショナルリーダーとして35年の実績を有す。世界最大の香料企業であるジボダンも資金提供する新しいベンチャー「MISTA」の創設者であり、 現在イノベーション担当副社長である。
Cross Functional Leader of Innovation and Strategy in the food and beverage industry with 35 years proven experience.  Currently, VP of Innovation and founder of MISTA, a new venture funded by Givaudan, the world's largest flavor company.  MISTA's mission is to help startups and corporate partners optimize ideas, products, people and investments by connecting them to a world-class food and beverage development facility, capabilities and ecosystem located in the heart of San Francisco.  I leverage my passion to explore new opportunities, making innovation a way of life and corporate success. Being a consummate futurist, combined with the strong ability to execute, enables me to create new ways of thinking, doing and being.... from product creation, to strategic partnerships, to new business models, culminating in the delivery of breakthrough change and results.