Glenn Mathijssen

Co-CEO / Alberts

Robotics and AI are changing many aspects of our lives. The Food Robotics Market is the space where a huge change can be made for our health through nutrition. I'm co founder and co-CEO of ALBERTS. Our team is working on Vending 2.0 solutions and brings them to market in the EU: personalized food in a hassle-free and pure way. Today, we have several Alberts Smoothie Stations in the field at offices, schools and supermarkets that prepare fresh smoothies on the spot using 100% natural ingredients (fruit, veggies and water) and that can be personalized through the Alberts App. The next version of our vending machine will be a Soup Station for fresh soups. As a Post-Doc in robotic engineering at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, I'm honored to stay in touch with research for a fruitful combination of both worlds.