平井 巧 Satoshi Hirai

株式会社ホンショク / 代表取締役
honshoku Inc.


President honshoku Co., Ltd. / President of Food Salvage General Incorporated Association / part-time lecturer at Tokyo University of Agriculture
Born in 1979. Graduated from Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Niigata University. After leaving the SP advertising agency and IT affiliate, he worked as a food producer. Food Creative Team At Honshoku Co., Ltd., we will create food-related content, product development and promotion planning, with the keywords "A pleasant breeze at the table." Producing and managing the rice festival "Gonfest" and developing and selling original blended rice.In 2016, a general incorporated association, Food Salvage, was established to plan and produce food loss with local governments and private companies. Bringing the ingredients left over at home, the chef cooks on the spot, shares the prepared food with everyone, and the event "Salvage Party" to make food loss feel close to everyone, and the Tokyo University of Agriculture set up their own food loss theory Is developing a school-type content "Food Loss School".