Virginia Cha

SIMグローバル・エデュケーション Platform E / 客員教授
Professor-in-Residence / SIM Platform E

シンガポールのトップ大学教育機関で教鞭を取る、イノベーションと起業家論の客員教授。39年にわたりグローバルかつ多様な産業でのキャリアを重ねており、シンガポールと中国ではNASDAQやHKSEに名を連ねる多数のハイテク企業の共同設立、単独創業、ベンチャー出資に基づくCEOを務めるなどの実績を持つ。近年のシンガポールの起業家歴を解く“Asia’s Entrepreneurs: Dilemmas, Risks and Opportunities”を共著執筆。Future Council of World Economic Forumのメンバーを兼任。
Virginia CHA is a professor of innovation and entrepreneurship with multiple appointments at Singapore’s leading tertiary education institutions.  In her multi-faceted 39 year-long industry and academic career that spanned multiple countries, Virginia co-founded or was the sole-founder and CEO of multiple venture-funded, hi-tech companies in Singapore and China, with listings on NASDAQ and HKSE.  She has co-authored a book “Asia’s Entrepreneurs: Dilemmas, Risks and Opportunities” which captured Singapore’s recent entrepreneurial history. Additionally, Virginia is a member of the Future Council of World Economic Forum.