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Smart Kitchen Summit JAPAN Focus Session vol.2
The State of Kitchen OS / in Consumer Kitchen

Event Terms and Conditions

This Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) shall apply to all applicants/attendants at Smart Kitchen
Summit JAPAN
Focus Session vol.2 (the “Event”), an online event which is organized by SIGMAXYZ Inc. (“Organizer”).
Please confirm and
accept the Terms before you register to attend the Event.

Article 1 (Scope)

1. By completing the registration process for the Event, you shall be deemed to have read and irrevocably and
unconditionally agreed the Terms.
2. The purpose of the Terms is to define the rights and obligations between you and Organizer regarding participation in
the Event, and applies to all of your relationship to the Event.

Article 2 (The Program of the Event)

1. Organizer will inform you of the program of the Event on its website ,
the “Website”. The program of the Event may be changed without prior notice at the discretion of Organizer. In such case,
will promptly notify you of such changes by posting the details on the Website.

Article 3 (Expense)

You shall bear all costs and expenses related to your attendance of the Event.

Article 4 (Privacy Policy)

You agree that Organizer will handle your personal information according to the following Privacy Policy.

Article 5 (Prohibited Acts)

You shall not engage in any of the following acts in attending the Event.
(1) Acts that violate any laws, ordinances or public order and morals.
(2) Acts that infringe violate the property, honor, privacy, portrait rights and the intellectual property rights of
Organizer, the speakers of the Event and/or any other third party.
(3) Copying, downloading, capturing, archiving, streaming, distributing, publishing, modifying, translating, selling,
transmitting, or retransmitting live streaming of the Event.
(4) Applying excessive load to the network or the system of the Event.
(5) Acts that may interfere with the operation of the Event.
(6) Unauthorized accessing or attempting to gain unauthorized access to Organizer’s network or system.
(7) Registering for the Event based on false information.
(8) Letting a third party access to the Event without prior consent by Organizer.
(9) Acts of causing disadvantage, damage, or discomfort to Organizer, the speakers of the Event and/or any other third
(10) Any other acts that Organizer deems inappropriate.

Article 6 (Intellectual Property Rights)

All copyrights, patents, trademarks, and all other rights related to the Event are reserved by Organizer or third
parties who owns such rights.

Article 7 (Publication)

You grant permission to Organizer to use photographs, audio, video and other artifacts made of, or at, the Event without
any period of time, and provide such artifacts to media including newspapers, magazines and web news. To the extent of
such permission, you shall not exercise copyright, portrait right, name indication right, etc. with respect to your own
images or sounds recorded in the Event

Article 8 (Network Environment)

The network environment (including hardware, software and communication environment, etc.) necessary to attend the Event
shall be prepared and maintained at your own expense and responsibility.

Article 9 (Disclaimer)

1. Organizer shall not be liable for any damages arising in connection with the Event.
2. Organizer shall not be liable for any damages caused to you by force majeure including natural disasters, power
outages, communication or system failures, suspension of public services, government acts, terrorism, war, epidemics or
infectious diseases, or any other cause not attributable to and beyond the control of Organizer.

Article 10 (Your Responsibility)

If you breach any of the Terms, Organizer reserve the right to refuse your attendance in the Event. If any damage caused
to Organizer or any third party as a result of your breach, you shall hold harmless Organizer and resolve the matter at
your own responsibility and expense.

Article 11 (Exclusion of Anti-Social Forces)

You represent and warrant that you are not Anti-Social Forces (a gang, a gang member, an individual that left a gang
within the last five years, a quasi-member of a gang, a gang affiliate or group, sokaiya, a blackmailer camouflaged as a
social movement activist, a special violent group, or any other persons equivalent to these; and the same will be
hereinafter applied) currently and in the future.

Article 12 (Amendments of the Terms)

Organizer may change the Terms from time to time. In such case, Organizer will inform you of any changes to the Terms by
way of posting them on the Website.

Article 13 (Jurisdiction)

Attendance in the Event and the Terms shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. Tokyo
District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court of first instance to adjudicate any dispute arising under or
in connection with your attendance in the Event and the Terms.

Effective Date: June 10, 2022