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SKS JAPAN 2022 Beyond Community SKS JAPAN 2022 Beyond Community

Creating new industry through collective wisdom

The current food system faces a variety of social challenges. For example, the growing food crisis associated with global environmental and security issues, the negative impact on health and nutritional challenges caused by income inequality. On the other hand, food and cooking are not only about nutritional sufficiency, but also important for nurturing culture, connecting people and creating a way of life. Resolving these food-related social issues and developing the diverse value of foods should not be a 'trade-off' relationship, but rather a synergistic relationship relationship, for advancement of both perspectives.

In order to achieve this synergies, it is important to gather various technologies and wisdom and continue to work together to create new food industry. 

SKS JAPAN was launched in 2017 with the theme of 'Food x Technology & Science', aiming to envision the future of food across the ecosystem. Our discussions focus on the future of food system, understanding of the essence of diverse values of food, and co-creation approach for new business development.

The word "Beyond Community" expresses our aspiration to evolve "Community" into "Ecosystem" where businesses that are good for the earth and human will be created one after another.

If you have great passion to "shift" the existing food system and industry as a game changer, we look forward to seeing you at SKS JAPAN 2022, the starting point for the challenge of creating a new industry.


- Beyond Community -
Creating new industry through collective wisdom
September 1-3, 2022
Hybrid: Offline-Online
/pre-purchase ticket required
Tokyo Port-city Takeshiba PORT HALL
1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Japanese / English **Simultaneous interpretation
Required via EventRegist Apply
SIGMAXYZ Inc. / The Spoon


1.Keep up with the latest global food-tech & innovation trend

You might have such questions, like,"What is the cutting edge of global food innovation and food-tech? What is the background behind this?"We will discuss on the point of view from the big picture of this trend and key essences of each food innovation area. We will share the new perspectives on consumer values and new ways of business creation and think about the next action, such as “How should we act?" and "Who will be our new partners? "

2.From sustainable food systems to regenerative food systems

While the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are gaining traction in Japan, the discussion of a sustainable food system is already shifting to a regenerative food system in the U.S. and Europe. Meanwhile, food tech is attracting attention from various industries, governments, academia, and others as a means to solve the global food system problems.
How to make more of Japanese food technology, scientific knowledge, traditional culture, and food industry contribution to the world? Discussions will be held with Japanese and overseas opinion leaders.

3.Taking on the challenge of opening up the "diversity of food value" in the long tail needs of food

One of the key concepts of SKS JAPAN is “Food for Well-being". This concept was proposed by Dr.Yoshiki Ishikawa, a Public Health Researcher, at SKS JAPAN 2017. We believe that food tech is important not only to satisfy our desires, but also make a significant contribution to the wellbeing for people and the planet. As WHO defined, Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.If we can carefully unravel the value of food with cross-sectional knowledge from the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities, we can contribute to the wellbeing of broader people. SKS JAPAN 2022 will focus on the long-tail needs of food and explore hints for new business development.

4.Deep dive into trends in latest application areas

In the wide range of food tech, what are the areas of greatest interest? At SKS JAPAN 2022, you can find out the cutting-edge information with key players and experts in sessions, and also experience it firsthand at the exhibition.
We will delve into attracting areas, including future food, alternative proteins, smart kitchens, sustainability, personalization,Web3, the future of retail, and restaurant tech.
(More speakers and exhibitors are coming!)

5. How to step into the evolution of the co-creation business development model and ecosystem building?

The nature of business development is rapidly changing. No single company can solve social problems in the global food system and respond quickly to the diversification of consumer values alone. We need to create new industries and markets together. For such a movement, it is important to build an ecosystem that transcends the boundaries of companies, organizations, and industries, and to build a co-creative business development model. At SKS JAPAN 2022, we will introduce various efforts to build eco-systems inside and outside of Japan, and provide opportunities to take actions from now on.

6. Meet the next generation of pioneers, experience food tech, and find new partners

Foodtech Venture Day will be held on Day 3, featuring pitch sessions by startups in various food tech areas. Startups with a passion "to change the world with food tech" will take the stage. We will discuss how to develop a collaboration model with leading companies who will work with startups to develop their innovations into an industrial ecosystem.The exhibition will be set at the venue, where visitors can actually experience and eat the products. For online attendees, we plan a live broadcasting. Please join us and expand your network and potential partners for your business.



Time / Title / Speaker

Opening & The State of Food innovation Trend

Systematizing domestic/international hot topics around food tech trends and keywords from both business and academia standpoints. Hirotaka Tanaka of Sigmaxyz will be revealing and presenting “Food Innovation MAP ver3.0,” the updated version of “Food Innovation MAP” from the publication “Food Tech Revolution.” Food tech expert Michal Wolf who will be joining here in Japan for the first time in 3 years, along with food innovation researcher Shinichi Ishikawa, will be interpreting their point of view on the current situation around food tech trends.

Michael Wolf (The Spoon)
Shinichi Ishikawa (Food Industry Major, Miyagi University)
Hirotaka Tanaka (SIGMAXYZ)
Global Investors Perspectives - Which foodtech areas global investors see as next innovation space and why?

Matthew Walker, Food Managing Director at s2g ventures investing from agriculture to supply chain and alternative proteins, with Food Robotics enthusiast Buck Jordan from Wavemaker Labs, will be discussing key points on investments in the foodtech area and its potential in the Japanese market.

Matthew Walker (s2g Ventures)
Buck Jordan (Vebu Labs - formerly Wavemaker Labs)
Michael Wolf (The Spoon)
The direction of global food system transformation

With the concept of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) gradually making its way into Japan, the western theory around food systems pivoted from sustainability to regenerative. Discussions will be held around this shift and what it means for the industry.

Sara Roversi (Future Food Institute)
Kazunori Maruyama (DSM Japan)

Hirotaka Tanaka (SIGMAXYZ)
Alternative Foods from Japan

“Sustainable foods” are currently treated as a potential solution for tackling environmental and health challenges. With “plant-based meat” actively entering the market as an alternative source of protein, technology around cultivated meat and fermentation are being explored as a mid/long-term solution in both western countries as well as in Asia. Taking into account the long history of plant-based food existing as part of Japanese cuisine, Japanese food companies will exchange their views around the uniqueness/strength of the Japanese market and its market potential.

Hiroshi Shimizu (Fuji Oil)
Junji Torigoe (Sagamiya Foods)

Hitoshi Hokamura (Food Tech Studio - Bites!)
The latest Trend in Complete Meal Solution from Japan

What Japanese people focus on most for food intake is "nutrition."
From "complete nutrition" beverages and supplements that claim to be covering all essential nutrients for the day, to food services simplifying nutritional intake in the form of recipes and meal services, all of which are increasing in popularity and demand. "What is the future for 'complete nutrition' food?" will be discussed during this session.

Hitoshi Hokamura (Food Tech Studio - Bites!)
Fermentation Empowers Regenerative Food

"Ine to Agave" based in Oga city of Akita prefecture brews a new genre of alcohol leveraging technology used for saké brewing. In the brewing process, they also making use of rice malt left over to produce plant-based "fermented mayo," maximizing the potential of fermentation technology, creating a new path for food culture. With a long history of leveraging fermentation in Japanese food culture, we will explore "future food" emerging from Japan during this session.

Shuhei Okazumi (Ine to Agave)

Hitoshi Hokamura (Food Tech Studio - Bites!)
Cultivated Meat & ELSI Perspective

ELSI (Ethical, Legal and Social Issues) perspectives must be brought in when implementing cutting-edge technology into society, biotechnology being one of them. Currently, cellular agriculture is making its way into the food industry, however complications and unclarity around regulations still exist, acting as an obstacle for daily consumer consumption. How we can approach this complex challenge will be discussed holistically.

Aiko Hibino(Humanities and Social Science Major, Hirosaki University)

Akiko Okada (SIGMAXYZ)

At the round table, discussions in small groups will be held per topic between presenters and all on-site guests
1 Where is the current focus for food tech investments in Japan?
2 What are the key essences to collaborate with multiple companies?
3.What are the best way to approach people behaviors? What aspects are we missing?
4.Resolving food waste issues: What technology do we need to change consumer behavior
5.Food for the aging society
6.Redefine Japanese manufacturing industry - Device driven innovation
7.How to approach the change occurring in the food system and the role of companies
8.Direction of Alternative food movement in Japan: what strengths can Japan leverage?
9.The possibilities & future of chefs/home cooks/act of cooking
10. How do global food tech experts/players see food innovation in Japan? What are the strengths?

※Topics may change

Exhibition Tour - Online
Live viewing with commentary per booth is planned for online viewers
Must-Watch Trend in Alternative Protein Market: Key Success Factors on Product Development and Market Deployment

Getting a closer look of the most recent global trends in the alternative protein market. Today we have Adam Yee, food scientist with deep insights on US alternative protein startups, and Varun Deshpande from Good Food Institute, bringing in insights on market trends and law/regulations changes across countries. Both will be speaking about the movement in Asia, especially what this means for Japanese companies.

Adam Yee (My Food Job Rocks)
Varun Deshpande (Good Food Institute)

Michael Wolf (The Spoon)
From Basque to Global : Regional Food Eco-System Approach

Basque Culinary Center (BCC) based in San Sebastián, known as one of the best food destinations in the world, is creating a food innovation ecosystem engaging not only the chef community but startups focusing on social issues concerning food and the entire food industry. Rooted in the local community and simultaneously being global, how did BCC manage to create such ecosystem? They will be announcing their future involvement with Japan as well.

Erich Eichstetter (Basque Culinary Center)
Passion Driven Food Innovation

Panasonic’s Game Changer Catapult, taking on the challenge to creating a new business development model for large corporations, has been actively brought new ideas to the table as a game changer. Gifmo, foreseeing a future where family members can enjoy meals together, Mitsubachi Products has spun out from being an in-house venture to pursue a new culture in food, both accelerating their business development. Game Change will be speaking about exploring new markets as a large corporate’s in-house venture.

Masaru Morizane (Gifmo)
Hatsumi Ura (Mitsubachi Products)
Networking ~8pm


Time / Title / Speaker

Building new Regional "Food OS”

Thanks to the seamlessly connected global food system, our businesses can provide for a convenient eating lifestyle. On the other hand, it is apparent that having an extremely optimized food system comes with its own challenges and issues. As a result, breaking down the food system into regional segments, “regional food OS,” is gaining importance. Yoshimoto Kohara (head of Wataya Besso) working on new value creation around “tea” and Shuichi Kitano (owner of Kitano Tea Garden) in Ureshino (Saga prefecture), along with media partner Toshihiro Takahashi (Discover Japan) will be discussing about “regional food OS,” its trends and collaboration methods across industries.

Toshihiro Takahashi (Discover Japan)
Yoshimoto Kohara (Watayabesso)
Shuichi Kitano (Kitanochaen)

Hirotaka Tanaka (SIGMAXYZ)
Personalization and beyond: creating the future for food

Moving past the age of mass production and mass consumption, diversification and personalization of food selection is becoming a larger topic. What is on the other side of this movement? What is “Transtech”? This session will focus on understanding the futuristic innovation for food and mankind.

Mikio Aoki (Suntory)

Tomomichi Sumi (SIGMAXYZ)
The State of Food for Well-being

Better wellbeing is one of the purposes behind food innovation, but also comes up as an important topic across various fields. Yoshoki Ishikawa, researcher of wellbeing, speaks about the interpretation of and business implementation around our wellbeing.

Yoshiki Ishikawa (Well-being for Planet Earth)
Hirotaka Tanaka (SIGMAXYZ)
Akiko Okada (SIGMAXYZ)
Will Web3 impact on value of Food?

We question how trend in the food industry will be affected by the evolution around Web3, specifically for “food selection” under the concept of personalization and “value creation thinking” under the concept of regeneration. Looking back to the collaboration webinar “Future of Food Innovation” by WIRED and Sigmaxyz, we will take a closer look into Web3 trends.

Michiaki Matsushima (『WIRED』 Japanese Edition)
Hirotaka Tanaka (SIGMAXYZ)

Akiko Okada (SIGMAXYZ)
Food History unlocks the value of Food

“Tabemono Radio”, a popular podcast channel produced by 2 traditional Japanese cuisine chefs of Kakegawa city’s “Kacha Cuisine Muto”, the Muto brothers, streams unique point of views on the history of food. They envision the future trends and changes in food innovation based on the history of ingredients (e.g. tofu and potato) from various angles such as weather, politics, industry and culture. With the commercialization of value derived from food diversity occurring today, the importance of incorporating aspects of liberal arts (e.g. study on humanities) is increasing. How we can utilize such knowledge in the field of business and innovation will be discussed by the 2 chefs.

Taro Muto (Kacha Ryori Muto / Tabemono Radio)
Takuro Muto (Kacha Ryori Muto / Tabemono Radio)
Hirotaka Tanaka (SIGMAXYZ)

Akiko Okada (SIGMAXYZ)
LUNCH : Future Food Experience

Food experience at the exhibition hall and food trucks, only available at SKS Japan

Aiming for a new co-creation model with Ajinomoto's ASV management (Ajinomoto Group Shared Value)

Ajinomoto, who announced their collaboration with Base Foods at SKS Japan2020, is famous for its technology around taste by food tech ventures on a global scale. How do they see food innovation in Japan and how do they plan to create a co-collaboration model across multiple entities? Taro Fujiie, Director/Representative Executive Officer/President/CEO of Ajinomoto since 2022 will be sharing Ajinomoto’s new vision around their co-creation business model.

Taro Fujie (Ajinomoto)
Delivering food pursuing both "tastefulness" and "healthiness"

2 key elements that is a must in food products are "tastefulness" and "healthiness." To further pursue this, Ajinomoto and Oishi Kenko have begun collaborating in January 2022. During this session we will hear from Masaki Kashihara of Ajinomoto, in charge of business development and R&D, and Tetsuya Nojiri, CEO of Oishi Kenko, who's on a mission to tackle food challenges and serve food for those with health issues/lifestyle diseases. The story behind their collaboration, what they are trying to achieve, and the benefits & challenges of collaboration will be the topic of discussion.

Masaki Kashihara (AJINOMOTO)
Tetsuya Nojiri (Oishi Kenko)

Hirotaka Tanaka (SIGMAXYZ)

At the round table, discussions in small groups will be held per topic between presenters and all on-site guests

1.Where is the current focus for food tech investments in Japan?
2.What are the key essences to collaborate with multiple companies?
3.What is the right direction for food tech startups in Japan? 
4.Key success factors to build partnership between startups and big corps
5.How will Web3 impact the food industry?
6.What is the key success factor in spreading the concept of personalization?
7.How to start a local food business ecosystem?
8.Redefine retail industry in new eco-system
9.Strengths of Japan (food innovation, agriculture, culture, etc.)
10.Key Success Factors to expand regenerative food market in Japan
11.Alternative Dairy Innovation: How to define new value of alternative diary products

※Topics may change

Exhibition Tour - Online
Live viewing with commentary per booth is planned for online viewers
What kind of "food company" Base Food aims to be?

Established in 2016, Base Food has worked on updating and evolving staple foods through their bread/pasta/cookies that provide 1/3 of the daily required nutrients. In February 2022, they have successfully managed to surpass 100K monthly subscribers for their products. CEO Shun Hashimoto who is currently at the forefront of food tech innovation by startups as a non-traditional food manufacturer, will share his unique vision and approach to food innovation in Japan.

Shun Hashimoto (Base Food)

Hirotaka Tanaka (SIGMAXYZ)
Metaverse in Food

Starting with Facebook changing its name to Meta, the world of “metaverse” has quickly become the topic of interest within the field of new technologies. This technology leveraging virtual space has also made its way to the food industry creating new experiences. Michael Wolf, organizer of Web3 & Metaverse Summit US, will be speaking with Food Metaverse startups to get a better essence on this new frontier.

Supreet Raju (OneRare)
Michael Wolf (The Spoon)
BEYOND Food Retail

Food retail business is at a turning point, with various business structures of physical stores and EC, competition on lowering prices is becoming even more sever. With that said, supermarkets still play a significant role in connecting people with food. This leads to key questions such as how can supermarkets contribute to the wellbeing of consumers? How can supermarkets respond to the long-tail needs of consumers? United Supermarket Holdings, innovator of supermarkets through collaboration with various startups, will be breaking this topic down by introducing recent trends and activities as well as their thoughts on the future of food retail business.

Fujita Motohiro (United Super Markets Holdings/Kaumi Co.)
Koshiro Mitsuyuki (United Super Markets Holdings)
Ecosystem building approach in Europe & MENA

Kök Projekt, based in Turkey, engages in innovation in the agri-food sector, currently covering various regions such as the Middle East, Northern Africa and North America. While Europe and America tend to be the center of attention in food tech, movements in the Middle East and Northern Africa are just as lively, also seen as a potential opportunity for Japanese companies to leverage their high technical abilities to support the area’s agriculture and water systems. Semi Hakin, founder of Kök Projekt will be presenting on their activities and the food tech trend in their region.

Semi Hakim (Kök Projekt)

Akiko Okada (SIGMAXYZ)
What is ahead of TOKYO FOOD INSTITUTE's activities around building future in food?

General Incorporated Association TOKYO FOOD INSTITUTE is on a mission to create new value in the food world, through development of a co-creation ecosystem. 1 year from their commencement, their activities has spanned from upcycle food production to food court development, focusing on “fast yet concrete implementation” actions. We will hear about what TOKYO FOOD INSTITUTE envisions, as well as how they see the current collaboration efforts among companies and regions.

Toshikazu Sawa (Tokyo Food Institute)

Tomomichi Sumi (SIGMAXYZ)
Kitchen OS in Action

- “Kitchen OS” was born to seamlessly connect all action around cooking, starting off with IoT kitchen appliances, to fulfill the purpose of personalizing cooking/recipes and to connect with EC websites. Fresco, partners with global consumer electronic players like Electrolux and LG Electronics, is also one of many Kitchen OS players. For a household electronic appliance manufacturer, the IoT connectivity of kitchen appliances will lead to new consumer insight collection and service development through partnering with Kitchen OS players. This session will discuss the future of cooking from the Kitchen OS perspective, and the collaboration potential/efforts. Speakers are founder of Fresco Ben Harris, who is highly interested in Japan’s market, and by Akihiko Kato and Maki Takahashi, members from Panasonic, the leading player of household electronics.

Ben Harris (Fresco)
Akihiko Kato (Panasonic)
Maki Takahashi (Panasonic)
Restaurant Platform Revolution

- The restaurant industry faces a critical issue of labor shortage and low-cost competition. Meanwhile, many restaurants and chefs are making efforts to deliver diverse food experience to consumers through “restaurant tech”, focusing not only on “automation/optimization” but also “new value creation”. Robot ramen vending machine Yo-Kai Express, officially expanding in the Japanese market from spring of 2022, automatically prepares food inside the vending machine, also leveraging IoT for optimizing their supply chain. Yo-Kai Express could potentially become the platform for sales channel expansion for restaurants in the coming future as well. TechMagic of Japan will be taking the stage as well. Well-known for automating complex preparation steps in the kitchen, for example innovating the world’s first pasta cooking robot, they are attempting new value creation such as a D2C personal meal business enabled by their automation technology. During this session, Yo-Kai Express will be sharing their vision on their Restaurant Platform and TechMagic will be speaking about the new value Food Robotics can bring about.

Andy Lin (Yo-Kai Express)
Keiji Tsuchiya (Yo-Kai Express)
Yuji Shiraki (Tech Magic)

Hitoshi Hokamura (Foodtech Studio-Bites!)
Networking (Shareout)

Thought sharing by on-site guests ! (~90 seconds per person please)

Networking ~9pm


Time / Title / Speaker

AI changes food product development


Ranjani Varadan (Shiru)
Zongjun Li (Gastrograph AI)
Moderator: Michael Wolf
Will Food Innovation come from Japanese Companies?

Despite having strong history and technology in the high-tech industry, Japan failed to compete at the same level with GAFA. 2 years ago, in the publication “Food tech revolution”, we stated that the Japanese food industry will be the same as “the day before the launch of iPhone.” From manufacturing to sales, shift in consumer preferences, a “paradigm shift” is occurring in the food industry as well. The big question for Japan’s food industry is, what vision should we have in order to set the direction of the industry, and how can we drive social implementation of such innovation? We will be discussing from the point of view of large corporations, startups, investors, and the government.

Eri Tagahara (CAN EAT)
Masanori Fukata (Carmine Works)
Hitoshi Hokamura (Foodtech Studio-Bites!)
Sakon Yamamoto (Parliamentary Secretary for Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology/Parliamentary Secretary of Reconstruction)

Hirotaka Tanaka (SIGMAXYZ)
Space Food changes food on earth

- For humans living together under extreme conditions in outer space, food plays a key role socially and functionally. Food innovation based on space environment can certainly be leveraged for food innovation in harsh conditions on earth as well.
- Chances of facing environments negatively impacting our QoL greatly is always a possibility, examples being shelter life brough by natural disasters such as earthquakes and harsh rain, isolation resulting from pandemics caused by infectious disease or geopolitical risks (disputes). SPACE FOODSPHERE aims to resolve such social challenges through their activities around collaborative business ideation.

Taiki Kitajima (MSD)

Hirotaka Tanaka (SIGMAXYZ)
Collaborative Data Platform accelerating the implementation of personalization into our society

The topic of value creation through food personalization has attracted food makers/retailers/etc. as a method to enhance our well-being. Data visualization plays an important role in accurately monitoring and showing well-being data via devices. Running in the forefront of this challenge as an IT player, NTT Data will share case studies and knowledge around their activities on co-creation data platforms.

Mizuho Mitake (NTT Data)
Takuya Shiarishi (Ajinomoto)
Takahiro Matsui (nine hours)
Akiko Fukuyo (SIGMAXYZ)
Vision Driven Food Innovation

The key success factor for accelerating business co-creation is to share a common purpose and vision. With that said, how can multiple organizations manage to come together to set a definitive mutual goal without ending up with an abstract vision? Thoughts on how to combine broad and specific aspects together to set a clear vision capable of supporting business co-creation will be discussed.

Ryosuke Sakaki (Dentsu / OPEN MEALS/ Future Vision Studio)

Akiko Okada (SIGMAXYZ)
Beyond Community - Connecting wisdom across borders for accelerating social implementation


Hirotaka Tanaka (SIGMAXYZ)
Takumi Kawamoto (SIGMAXYZ)
Takeichiro Shima (SIGMAXYZ)
Tomomichi Sumi (SIGMAXYZ)

Food experience at the exhibition hall and food trucks, only available at SKS Japan

The latest global trend of upcycled food

The global trend around upcycle had the purpose of both waste reduction and value creation. This session will focus mainly on the upcycle movement in the American food industry and its key success factors.

Caroline Cotto (Renewal Mill / Upcycled Food Association)

Michael Wolf (The Spoon)
Regenerative Food in Action

Upcycling has rapidly become a trend in Japan yet faces challenges such as supply chain/ production/user acceptance, for further influence on the market. Japanese players will be speaking about potential solutions on this topic.

Shujiro Kusumoto (Cafe Company)
Shinnosuke Nakamura (greenase)
Akiko Fukuyo (SIGMAXYZ)

As part of Foodtech Venture Day, pitch sessions by startups will be held simultaneously. Startups with strong passion for “changing the world with food tech” will come together to discuss about how to structure a collaborative partnership model between startups and large corporations, to further stimulate innovation in the industry. The exhibition will maximize all guests’ experience through food & beverage sampling and other hands-on activities to stimulate all senses. Live streaming is planned for our online guests.

In addition to the pitch session by NEXT PIONEERS, Shuhei Tsukada (Leave a Nest Co., Itd.), Tomomichi Sumi (Sigmaxyz), and Hirotaka Tanaka (Sigamxyz) will deep dive based on the pitch sessions.

Jong-Myong KIM (Ac-Planta)
Masayoshi Nemoto (ESCARE)
Masaru Fukui (Alphatech)
Mikio Atobe (meatepoch)
Yuta Miyata (HiDenBox)
Jutaro Mochizuki (REDD)
Yuki Ide (Sharedine)
Yuichi Tomohiro (Sea Vegetable)
Hidenori Takeshita (Toy Medical)

[Venture partner Speaker]
Takuji Okada (Luna Robotics)
Masahiro Koyama (Wellnas)
Ryo Shimomura (Day Break)
Kosuke Yamada (PLANTX)
Satoshi Umino (Sustainable Food Asia)
Shusuke Takahara (Hestan Cue)

Shuhei Tsukada (Leave a Nest)
Tomomichi Sumi (SIGMAXYZ)
Hirotaka Tanaka (SIGMAXYZ)
Maiko Atsumi (SIGMAXYZ)
Our next Action

Look back session after completing the 3-day event. What have we learned and how can individuals, companies, and the industry act from this point onwards for future innovation? Close with comments on outlook as a wrap up session of SKS JAPAN 2022.

Michael Wolf (The Spoon)
Hitoshi Hokamura (Foodtech Studio - Bites!)
Hirotaka Tanaka (SIGMAXYZ)

*alphabetical order

Adam Yee

Podcaster and Food Scientist
My Food Job Rocks

Aiko Hibino

Professor, Faculty of Humanities and Social sciences
Hirosaki University

Akihiko Kato

Senior Director
Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company

Akiko Fukuyo


Akiko Okada

Insight Specialist

Andy Lin

CEO and Founder
Yo-Kai Express Inc.

Ben Harris

CEO and co-founder

Buck Jordan

Vebu Labs

Caroline Cotto

Co-Founder and COO
Renewal Mill

Ellie Tagahara


Erich Eichstetter

Tech & Startups Scout
Basque Culinary Center

Hatsumi Ura

president and representative director

Hidenori Takeshita


Hiroshi Shimizu

Former Representative Director and President/CEO, Fuji Oil Holdings Inc.

Hitoshi Hokamura

Food Tech Studio - Bites!

Jong-Myong KIM

Founder & CEO
Ac-Planta Inc.

Junji Torigoe

Sagamiya Foods Co., Ltd.

Jutaro Mochizuki

CEO / Creative Director
REDD inc.

Kazunori Maruyama

President & Representative Director
DSM Japan K.K.

Keiji Tsuchiya

General Manager
Yo-Kai Express

Koshiro Mitsuyuki

Program Manager / Managing Director & COO
United Super Markets Holdings Inc. / Kasumi Co., Ltd

Maiko Atsumi

community manager

Maki Takahashi

Living Appliances and Solutions Company Kitchen Appliances Business Division Cooking Business Unit Overseas Marketing Division, Manager
Panasonic Corporation

Masa Fukata

Managing Director
CarmineWorks LLC

Masahiro Koyama

Wellnas Co., Ltd.

Masaki Kashihara

Exective Officer General Manager Reserch and Business Planning Department

Masaru Fukui


Masaru Morizane

GIFMO Co., Ltd.

Masayoshi Nemoto

Representative Director

Matthew Walker

Managing Director
S2G Ventures

Michiaki Matsushima

Head of Editorial Content
『WIRED』 Japanese Edition

Mikio Aoki

Senior General Manager, Future Business Development Department
Suntory Holdings Limited

Mikio Atobe


Mizuho Mitake

Executive Manager
NTT DATA Corporation

Mizuki Komasa

Representative Director

Momo Nakanishi

Associate Professor, URA
One Earth Guardians Development Institution, the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the University of Tokyo

Motohiro Fujita

President and Representative Director
United Super Markets Holdings Inc.

Ranjani Varadan

Chief Scientific Officer

Ryo Shimomura

Daybreak Co., Ltd.

Ryosuke Sakaki

Art Director

Sakon Yamamoto

Member of the House of Representatives
Office of Sakon Yamamoto, Member of the House of Representatives

Sara Roversi

Future Food Institute

Satoshi Umino

Sustainable Food Asia Co. Ltd

Semi Hakim

Co-Founder & CEO
Kök Projekt

Shin-ichi Ishikawa

Professor, School of Food Industrial Sciences
Miyagi University

Shinnosuke Nakamura

greenase Inc.

Shuhei Okazumi

Ine to Agave Co.,Ltd.

Shuhei Tsukada

Executive officer, CRO
Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.

Shuichi Kitano


Shujiro Kusumoto


Shun Hashimoto


Shusuke Takahara

Felicidad Inc.

Supreet Raju

Co-Founder / Creative Director

taiki kitajima

MSD Inc.

Takahiro Matsui

Chief Executive Officer
nine hours, Inc.

Takeichiro Shima

Service Designer

Takuji Okada


Takumi Kawamoto


Takuro Muto

Executive Vice President
Kacha Ryori Muto / Tabemono Radio

Takuya Shiraishi

CEO Advisor

Taro Fujie

Director, Representative Executive Officer, President & CEO
Ajinomoto, Co., Inc.

Taro Muto

Kacha Ryori Muto / Tabemono Radio

Tetsuya Nojiri

Oishi Kenko Inc.

Tomomichi Sumi

SIGMAXYZ, Inc / University of Tokyo Graduate

Toshihiro Takahashi

President/Editor in Chief
Discover Japan Inc

Toshikazu Sawa

Representative Director
Tokyo Food Institute

Varun Deshpande

Managing Director, GFI India
Good Food Institute

Yoshiki Ishikawa

Representative Director
Wellbeing for Planet Earth

Yoshimoto Kohara


Yosuke Torii

One Earth Guardians Development Program, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the University of Tokyo

Yuichi Tomohiro


Yuji Shiraki

TechMagic, Inc.

Yuki Ide

Co Founder
Sharedine Inc

Yuta Kikuchi

J-SPARC Producer / Director
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency / SPACE FOODSPHERE Association

Yuta Miyata

HiDenBox Co.,Ltd.

Zongjun Li

Director of Application, Asia Pacific
Gastrograph AI


Hirotaka Tanaka

Senior Executive Officer,

Michael Wolf

Founder & CEO, Editor in Chief,
The Spoon


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Tokyo Port City Takeshiba PORT HALL
1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Infection control measures

In order to prevent infection, we would ask for your cooperation in the following.
・Take your temperature daily and inform us if you feel unwell or have a fever.
・Please wear a mask at the venue.
・Please sanities your hands frequently at the venue.
・Please refrain from long and close conversations at the conference venue.
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SKS JAPAN Secretariat

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